Pale Blue



She sat on her bed wondering, lost in her own thoughts.

she stares out of the window. A loud boom is heard by her ears. Those ears, significant to her whole body, without them she would be someone different, maybe someone better.

Those ears have heard a variety of things. They have heard her family’s infectious laughter of love. They have heard her parents sharing sweet words to each other. They have heard her little siblings squabbling. But those ears don’t get to hear that music anymore.

It is almost as if the people in the house are not people anymore, they are just robots all fixed and rigid, doing what they are supposed to do, their life is perfunctory. Now all her ears hear is the loud and clear thunder.

The monsoon season is here. It is known as the season of romance and love. But not in this house. Instead of bringing happiness, laughter, love, it dulls the house. The house is to be a home once, but not anymore. The only light during monsoon used to be the light of the smiles of the family, so luminous, but now even that has vanished, wiped out and not seen again by that dreadful house.

The girl’s ears ache to hear the sound of the music again, she has forgotten what it is like to feel complete.She misses her home.

She is sitting by the window with her pale blue journal in her hands, writing her life away,she is scared of the thunder.She wishes that the thunder would stop and her house would feel like a home again.

  – TM xxx