Her name is innocence and she doesn’t know what to do. She is lost, emotionally unstable. Her insides are midnight and her outsides are dawn.

She is glowing, darkness doesn’t understand why. One night darkness touches her and still, she remains immune, her insides don’t get any darker but her outsides became glower. She was so lost, but darkness always followed her for some reason.

Her emotions were like a burning hot pot of stew. The stove was on a medium range. The stew, bubbling and burning, but not spilling out.

Everything was a mess. Darkness touched her every night, but she didn’t say anything, she let it touch her. She didn’t know what to say.

Every day she stared at the mindless souls walking by, judging each and everyone. She wondered why she was so lonely.

She was sitting with a group of mindless souls, but she still felt lonely, her eyes soulless, pitch black emotions haunting her.

She let the darkness consume her slowly. It was a parasite feeding on her. She didn’t fight, she just let it consume her, innocently.

-TM xx


Art work by: Konstantin Makovsky – Tamara and Demon