A Labyrinth of Hearts (Part II)


I came from the purgatory expecting to find heaven, but this alien place was neither heaven nor hell, instead it was a concoction of both. I asked a Boy and a Girl, “Where is the way out?”, and they said, “there is no way out, this is where you want to be” , She looked at me, her eyes filled with sorrow and pain and said “There is no way out of the Labyrinth of Hearts”. The boy looked at me with maliciousness in his eyes, something about his eyes made me feel safe yet so small and weak. Something about the way his lips moved was so deliciously dangerous. At that moment I knew, I knew that this would be the best thing that happens to me and the thing that will also ruin me.

I stayed for almost five years but now I am back to start again, in the purgatory, feeling so lost that I can’t even find my way back home.

– TM xx



A Labyrinth of Hearts

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You broke my heart, but you don’t care

why would you? Why would it bother you?

the only person who is bothered by it is me.

Was I wrong to feel something for you.

Was I wrong for having any hope

towards you. Was I wrong for having

any hope for us?

Was I wrong for falling in love.

You broke My Heart, and had the

gut to tell me you have your heart

for someone else. When all along

I only longed for a simple friendship.

                                                                          – TM xx