une lettre d’amour

The thing about you that no one realises is that, what I did was for your own good. I am toxic and you deserve so much better than me. I love you and I will always love you. The problem is I don’t know how to deal with my problems. Sometimes I can face them and sometimes I can’t. You were the best problem I have ever dealt with, and if I had the option to I would spend every waking moment with you. I know I hurt you. I also know you will move on. You will find someone so much better than me. Someone worthy of your intense love. We fell in love with the right person but just the wrong time

You are going to leave this place. Leave all your past with it. Leave everything bad ever here. Start fresh, start new, start confident. You will never allow people to tell you who you are. You define who you are yourself. You never let people bring you down. You have one of the deepest soul I have ever encountered. You have one of the sharpest minds I have ever been in touch with. Use it to your fullest. Achieve your goals and be happy.

You taught me a lot of things, you taught me how to live in the moment and enjoy it. You helped me through my darkest times and I will forever be grateful for that. I am honestly so blessed to know you.



She doesn’t love you.
She likes your attention
She knows your love
She likes to pull you in
She likes to keep you close
She hates it when you are not in love with her
But then again you are the fool
You constantly fall for her tricks
The little mind games she plays
In your mind she is the most beautiful and the perfect person ever
But for her you are just a game
A pawn on a chess board
An ingredient to her perfume
You are nothing
And she is creating a monster out of your nothing.
Keep at bay my love, she will tear you apart slowly. 
And you will go back to her, you will let her tear you apart 
all because you love the forbidden fruit


The fire in her that you love so much will die and then you will

realise it is nothing but infatuation that you cling on to

desperately,  trying to make yourself understand that, no 

that feeling that fire is just right, but it's too warm 

too familiar and you hate it


No honey I didn’t smile because I was happy

I smiled cause you wanted me too

I did it so you wouldn’t be worrying sick

about my happiness. Fake smiles is what got me through

and that is the only thing I am counting on for my survival.

Survival of my heart and my soul from you. After you.


It all begins tonight. The waves are crashing on the Oceanside. Volcanoes are erupting. The snow is falling on the ground, like soft cotton. The sun is shinning and the birds are singing. But. The only moment that matters is the moment that they are having. That’s it. Nothing else. They are both trying to find happiness from each other. Trying to Fill the holes that their parents burned on their chests. Soft small circles. Pulling. Biting. Kissing. Touching. Moaning. Doing everything they shouldn’t do. Knowing that they should end it soon. But like they say ‘The heart wants what it wants’, and they were stubborn, they dived head in, without thinking. Always using logic in every situation but this time they didn’t.

So let them be stubborn, the whole world will watch them break. Break like soft porcelain. White, precious porcelain.

– TM xxx





He didn’t know what he wanted.

no, he didn’t.

He said he loved her,

but he didn’t.

He didn’t even know her.

She hadn’t shown herself to Him. Not yet.

Every minute, every second, he pulled her strings.

Dragging her along like some toy.

She was indecisive. She let herself get dragged.

She blamed many things and many people, for her situation.

But she was the one at fault. The only one.

– TM xx